Check out Lee Westwood, Justin Rose and others attempt to hit a green from the 22nd floor of the Atlantis Hotel

The PGA Tour might be the most popular golf tour in the world, but it can't compete with what the European Tour does with YouTube.

Their latest video features some of the biggest names in the game hitting golf shots from the 22nd floor of the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai, an easy challenge if you don't mind hitting a golf shot from 100 yards high to a green that is floating on the ocean just 235 yards away.

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Yep, piece of cake.

Justin Rose, Henrik Stenson, and Lee Westwood were some of the big names that participated, with a guest appearance from Ian Poulter in what can only be described as a very Ian Poulter-y bathing suit.

Check the video below to see the winner, and trust me when I say this, don't ever, ever, ever try this, no matter how high up you are at a hotel or how good you are with your long irons.

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Shane Bacon

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