Check out our Devil Ball Holiday Gift Guide

Face it, we're in the middle of the 2013 holiday season and you still need something for that golf-obsessed friend/dad/wife/uncle. Stop stressing out, because we have the perfect golf gift guide to make your holiday experience easier and better.

1.) Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 XL -- Sure, you've seen Oakley sunglasses since your tee-ball days, but did you know they make lenses now specifically engineered for golf? These Half Jacket 2.0 XLs have the G30 Iridium Polarized lenses, which helps your short game, diminishes the glare from bunkers and hazards and helps bring depth to the terrain. $180,

2.) TaylorMade SLDR driver -- If TaylorMade knows one thing, it's how to make a really great driver, and that is totally the case with the SLDR. A total change in the way we look at drivers, the SLDR allows you to add loft and gain distance. A driver that brings technology with a sleek look and a long, long head, the SLDR is definitely something that you'd love to have wrapped up under your tree. $399,

3.) Ping Cart Gloves -- It's cold, you still want to golf, so how in the world are you going to stay warm on the golf course? By covering your hands whenever possible, and the Ping cart gloves are the best out there to keep the only part of your body that touches the golf club warm. $30,

4.) Nike Storm-Fit Hyperadapt -- Again, it's cold but you love this game and you aren't going to let anything stop you from a quick 18 in this frigid winter. But what in the world will keep the rain and wind off you while you're going for your personal best score? The Nike Storm-Fit jacket is perfect for this time of year, keeping Mother Nature away from you while you play. $280,

5.) Lululemon Core 1/2 Zip -- Most golfers would agree that playing golf in a ton of bulky clothes is a pain, which makes the Lululemon gear way better for you if you want that tight, fit feel. This Core jacket is perfect if you need something under your main jacket, or if you live in a warm-weather area and just need something light to keep you warm while you play in acceptable winter conditions. $108,

6.) Bandon Dunes Coffee Table Book -- If you've ever stepped foot on the grounds of Bandon Dunes you know how awesome the experience is, so why not relive that with this great coffee table book? It features images of every hole on the property, and will ignite that urge to make that flight to the Oregon coast for a few days of golf heaven. $100,

7.) Puma Soundchuck Bluetooth Speaker -- One of the biggest complaints about the game of golf is that it takes. so. long. to. play. The addition of music on the course has helped those five hour rounds, and Puma took it a step further with their latest bluetooth speaker that gets the idea of using it while you golf. The silicone cord can wrap around your golf bag or the golf cart and helps bring the tunes no matter your situation. $129,

8.) Bushnell Tour v3 Slope Edition -- These days, stepping off yardage during a recreational round of golf is as archaic as a cord phone, so having a rangefinder in your golf bag is a must if you want a precise number to your target. The Bushnell Tour v3 is one of the best on the market, and the slope edition is helpful for those playing in an area with a lot of undulation. $399.99,

9.) Odyssey Versa #7 -- If there is a club we golfers love to tinker with, it's the putter, and I have yet to find one that sets up better than the Versa #7. The two-tone design helps with alignment, the putter sits very nicely behind the ball and it's just a great designed golf club that will help you drop a few shots off your handicap. $169.99,

10.) SwingSmart Golf Analyzer -- We all have our smartphones on the range, either for music or just to keep up on work, so why not turn that thing into your own personal golf coach? The SwingSmart Golf Analyzer attaches to your club, sends info to your smartphone and is a great way to make sure you're doing exactly what you should be doing while you practice. The cool thing is it also helps with your putting stroke, something I noticed a big change in since using the SwingSmart. $249,

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