Check out the best hole outs on the PGA Tour in 2013

If you're a professional golfer, you most likely spent a lot of your life on the driving range and chipping green working on feel shot after feel shot.

These are the scoring shots that change a 67 to a 65, and a 65 to a 63. Ask any player that had a tough year something they are going to work on in the offseason and it's most likely going to be these types of shots.

The PGA Tour released their top-10 hole outs from the 2013 PGA Tour season, and a good amount of them happen from that shorter yardage. We have holed bunkers shots, chip-ins to force playoffs and a guy at the Presidents Cup that just couldn't get enough of the 18th hole flagstick.

You'll have to watch the video to see which one got the top honors (I'm sure you can guess it if you kept up with the game at all in '13), but my only complaint is that Matt Every's shot from the hazard wasn't higher.

The guy is standing in the water, hitting a shot from the rocks that lands on the greens and spins back in the hole. That should be No. 2 at least!

Anyway, go enjoy so incredible shots from off the green, and remember that Zach Johnson was a part of like four of these shots.

Also, if you want to see the best aces of '13, we have that video right here.

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