Charlie Rymer cries on The Golf Channel when discussing Tiger

During Friday's statement Tiger Woods looked like, at any moment, tears would start flowing. Unlike Hoylake, when Woods broke down after the final putt dropped, Tiger was able to keep those emotions at bay while delivering his speech to the masses.

The same cannot be said about The Golf Channel's Charlie Rymer. After Tiger walked away from the podium, the network switched instantly to their studio guys, and Rymer was asked to comment (via Hot Clicks):

Rymer opens his statement explaining that Tiger was "geniune and authentic," and that was when he started to get choked up.

He was then asked, "Why so much emotion from you in watching Tiger speak?" His response:

"When I see someone going through something extremely painful, and being very geniune, it hits me very hard, that's the reason for my reaction. I really like the fact that he cast all blame on himself. It was very clear that, 'I have done this.' He wasn't trying to put it on anybody else as we saw a little bit earlier. You get the sense that this is full admission and submission."

He went on to talk about how Tiger's true legacy is his kids, and he got choked up again when explaining that if Tiger does turn things around, his kids will have the chance to say that their dad faced adversity and changed because of it.

Obviously Friday was an emotion-filled day in the golf world. Rymer was one of the few that took it personally. What was your reaction to Tiger as he spoke for the first time since the car accident?

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