Charl Schwartzel hits one of the most amazing shots you’ll ever see at the Volvo Golf Champions

We are just 12 days into 2014 and if some of the golf shots we've already seen are a preview of the season to come, expect a year of the unthinkable from the pros.

On Friday we saw two players make an albatross at different events, but Charl Schwartzel might have topped them with this incredible (and gutsy) golf shot on Sunday at the Volvo Golf Champions.

Schwartzel, the 29-year-old former Masters champion, found himself well right of the fairway on the par-4 16th hole at the Durban Country Club in South Africa. His ball found what looks like a maintenance road, and it looked like Schwartzel basically could hope to just pitch the ball over the trees in front of him and pray his ball finds some grass.

He nixed the safe play idea and decided to hit a draw off the pavement in hopes of finding the green. Not only did he pull the shot off, but it nearly flew in the hole for the eagle, rolling just a few feet past the pin for what looked like one of the most amazing birdies ever.

Unfortunately for Schwartzel he went on to miss the birdie putt, but still, the shot he pulled off from the road is as good as anything you'll see all season in professional golf.

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