Channeling Y.E. Yang, men attempt the above-head hold

Remember a year ago at the PGA Championship? Sure, of course you do, you remember that tournament. Tiger Woods lost to a guy named Y.E. Yang on the 72nd hole, when Yang hit a hybrid over a tree to a pin that you would NEVER, EVER fire at. He made birdie, Tiger made bogey, and Yang was the unfamiliar major champion.

Now, surely you remember what happened next. Yang had the biggest smile you've ever seen, and proceeded to celebrate in, well, a rather peculiar way. He raised his TaylorMade golf bag above his head, and lifted it up and down, up and down. It wasn't a surprise that the former weightlifter didn't have trouble hoisting the heavy staff bag with so much adrenaline pumping through his veins. The question here is, how would you do picking up a golf bag and holding it for that long?

Those are what you're seeing in the above picture. Golf Galaxy ran a promotion to promote the Yang move, and the contest was to see who could hold the bag up the longest. While Jeff Probst wasn't around to monitor the contest (more pictures right here), it did have a winner that kept the 30-pound bag above his head for, gulp, 12 minutes and 32 seconds.

I asked Busbee how long he thinks he could do this, and his answer was six minutes. I though five myself, so I've challenged him to a contest next week. Hopefully, we can get some staff bags (hint, hint) sent our way.

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