Is there any chance Elin Nordegren would be on 'Dancing With The Stars'?

Update: On Monday night, the show announced the upcoming contestants, and Elin was not on the list, unfortunately for golf fans everywhere.

It's strange to think that in just a year, news about a person can completely change faces. Around this time one season ago, every story we wrote about Tiger Woods involved his personal life, with little to do with his golf game. Now, it's all about his golf game and nothing about life away from the links.

That could quickly change if the rumors about his ex-wife are true. The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that Elin Nordegren could, maybe, possibly be a contestant on the upcoming "Dancing With The Stars" television show. Seriously.

"Extra" is speculating that Elin Nordegren, ex-wife of Tiger Woods, is in talks for the ABC dance contest. "Extra" showed footage of Nordegren pulling her own luggage through LAX.

A few things we should point out here: First, is there ANY chance this happens? I say no. I think there would be a better chance that Tiger dyed all his green jackets jet black or switched to cricket than allowing Elin, if he could stop her, to be on a national television show.

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Second, if ABC is trying to branch out to a new demographic, this is a pretty solid maneuver. Is there a man that likes golf in this world that wouldn't spend one or two evenings catching up on Elin's dance moves? It's not even because of her looks, but more because we'd actually get to see Tiger's ex-wife in person ... talking ... and dancing!

Finally, this has to be a good move for Elin from a PR standpoint, right? She could have been on "Oprah" or chatted with Ellen, but this is a way for her to be out in public, looking happy and having fun, without having to say anything at all about her personal life.

My hope for her dancing partner? A left-handed, kinda chubby guy from California that's around the age of 40. That should do it.

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