Should we care about Lee Westwood’s victories in Asia?

Flawless golf. That's what Lee Westwood played over the weekend at the Ballentine's Championship, going 8-under over his final two rounds and only suffering one bogey on his way to a one-shot victory.

Westwood now has back-to-back victories, which is a pretty impressive accomplishment for any player. But let's be honest: does anybody really care?

While I have no problem with Westwood going abroad for a couple of weeks, his victories in Asia would have barely registered had it not been for the No. 1 ranking that was at stake.

As ProGolfTalk's Ryan Ballengee noted last week, Westwood's win in Indonesia rewarded him 20 OWGR points for the victory, which happens to be six points more than the absolute minimum that can be rewarded to a winner.

Simply put, the wins still don't justify him as the top player in the world. If anything, Westwood was expected to win both events against watered-down fields, and he did just that. It's like the Yankees deciding to go play Double-A ball for a season, winning the championship, and then bragging about it.

To get respect, you have to beat the best in the world, and Westwood hasn't done that. He still doesn't have a major championship, and only has one notable PGA Tour win. Plus, he decided to play this week and last instead of playing at Quail Hollow or TPC Sawgrass against some of the strongest fields of the year.

I know he's making a point by skipping The Players, but if you want to see why so many people criticize the World Golf Rankings, just look at Lee Westwood ... a guy who went abroad for two weeks, played against sub-par competition, and came back home as the No. 1 player in the world.

But I'll stop bagging on the guy. He obviously won a golf tournament, and that's still a big accomplishment. However, until he wins a tournament of note, I'll continue to believe there isn't a golfer worthy of the top ranking.

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