Camilo Villegas' rough start to 2011 continues in Phoenix

It's safe to say Camilo Villegas would like to take a mulligan for his 2011 start if you gave him one. Here's a rundown of what's transpired so far: he was DQ'd by a television viewer at the Hyudai Tournament of Champions, missed the cut at Sony, and finally cashed a check last week with a 44th place finish at the Farmers Insurance.

But then things took another turn for the worst on Friday. Villegas announced that he'd was withdrawing from the Waster Management Open with back problems after posting a 78 in the first round - which happened to be the worst score in the field.

When it rains, it pours for Camilo. Quite honestly, you had to see this coming with the amount of torque he puts on his back. From the "spider-man" man pose to the grip-it-and-rip-it style with the driver, Villegas puts a ton of pressure on one of the most important pieces of his swing.

Hopefully this doesn't become a chronic problem later in his career, but the way things are going, you have to worry about him being able to use his current swing later in life. Maybe it's time he talked to Tiger or Phil - two guys who had to make major swing changes to save their backs - about tweaking his swing for the long-term.

For now, let's just hope Camilo can get some consistent golf under his belt. At least he picked a good week to withdraw; I don't think anybody wants to be at TPC Scottsdale with the frigid temperatures they're experiencing right now.

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