Bubba Watson, video star becomes Bubba Watson, golf star

For a long time, Bubba Watson was squarely in the "more famous for being famous" category among golfers. A popular Twitterer — say howdy to him on his @bubbawatson account, and he's likely to say hi back — he's also a noted video-making goofball. But now, he's a PGA Tour winner, and we can move him off that "never won on tour" square and right onto the "never won a major" category. (Don't sweat it, Bubba, that square's a lot more prestigious than the first one.)

Anyway, with Bubba all over the news, it's high time we take a look back at a couple of his greatest video hits, with the fond hope that there's more to come. First, Bubba goes trick-shooting in Scottsdale:

More follows.

Watson also stalked Ellen DeGeneres, filming the following video which, if something happens to Ellen anytime soon, will surely be entered into evidence:

Oh, and if that's not enough, Bubba recently played in a pro-am tourney with our very own Shane Bacon. (Language NSFW, but with good reason.) Yep, totaled together these disparate elements make it definitive: Bubba Watson is our new favorite PGA Tour golfer, by a long shot.

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