Bubba Watson’s new pink-headed driver

We all knew Bubba Watson liked the color pink. He has had six-figure cars accented with the color, used a pink-shafted driver for years, and filled in just about any part of his wedges with the bright hue.

But how much does Bubba love pink? Enough to convince Ping to make him a pink-headed G20 driver, which he will be using the rest of the year. Bubba has been tooling around with this driver since around Presidents Cup time, but this week will be the first time he puts it in play.

The best part? The charity aspect of it.

This is from the Ping presser ...

As part of "Bubba & Friends Drive to a Million" initiative announced by Bubba, PING will donate $300 for the first 300 drives that he launches over 300 yards in 2012. Last season, he averaged nearly 315 yards per drive on the PGA Tour.

PING is also making an upfront donation of $10,000 toward its fundraising event, which it calls "Bubba Long in Pink. Drivenby PING." All funds raised will go to Phoenix-area charities, chosen by PING with Bubba's support.

Seems like a cool cause, and that driver head will definitely get people's attention.

(Image via Golf World's Dave Shedloski)