Bubba Watson had himself a good cry with Justin Bieber

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Everyone needs a good cry now and then.

Bubba Watson might be quicker to turn on the water works than some of us, but there's nothing wrong with emoting. Watson did recently when he tried to offer some help to friend and recording artist Justin Bieber.

Bieber, who has been trying to undergo a public metamorphosis from a bad-boy personality to become a more subdued, humble guy, apparently turned to Watson for a little advice on how to deal with sudden success. 

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"Crazy story, I have a friend, a pastor up in Seattle, Judah Smith, and I helped start a little church here at the Montage [Hotel in Beverly Hills] every Wednesday night, and so I'd kind of run into Bieber through Judah Smith, and we just started talking, just trying to help him," Watson recalled on "Access Hollywood."

"We all have issues we're going through...and I tried to give him guidance...let him ask me questions...on how to deal with success," Watson explained.

The two-time Masters winner was hoping to offer Bieber a shoulder to cry on, or arms to cry in, as he said. Did Bieber take up Watson on his offer?

"No, but I cried in his," Watson said. "It's Justin Bieber, you know what I'm saying? Like a little kid in a candy story, you know, it was perfect."

I have no idea what Watson means by that, but if he helped Bieber get his act together, then kudos to him.

Hat tip to Golf.com via CBS Sports

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