Bubba Watson has some fun with the player posters at the Grand Slam of Golf

Devil Ball Golf

Here's a word of advice for players who happen to be in the same field as Bubba Watson in the future: If there's a picture of you on the wall inside the clubhouse, you may want to take it down before the Masters champ gets to it ... unless, of course, you enjoy having a fake mustache or unibrow added to said photo.

Watson, who's in Bermuda with Webb Simpson, Keegan Bradley and Padraig Harrignton for the PGA Grand Slam of Golf, tweeted out the above photo of three Fathead posters of the former major winners with some interesting additions.

Webb Simpson's poster recieved a Rollie Fingers mustache and Frida Kahlo unibrow, Padraig Harrington's has some extra facial hair, and it looks like Keegan Bradley is the proud owner of what appears to be a pair of sunglasses.

Who knew Bubba Watson was budding artist! After seeing what Webb Simpson would look like with a 'stache, I think the U.S. Open winner should consider adding one next season. It gives him a bit of an edge, don't you think?

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