Bubba Watson apologizes for his actions at the PGA Championship

Bubba Watson apologizes for his actions at the PGA Championship
Bubba Watson apologizes for his actions at the PGA Championship

There have been plenty of major championships that showed the great side of Bubba Watson. Both his Masters wins come to mind, but his impressive play at the 2010 PGA Championship made us realize that this guy might be more than just a long-hitter when he found himself in a playoff with Martin Kaymer.

This year's PGA was a different story. Bubba spent most of the week complaining about this or that, making some personal statement that nobody really understood during the long-drive competition when he hit 3-iron off the tee despite using driver all four days of the actual tournament, and then complaining on the course about the conditions that everyone else in the field was also dealing with.

Any golfer can tell you that this game can drive you to do stuff that doesn't fit your personality, and Watson came out and apologized for everything that went down at Valhalla.

"You've got to learn from your mistakes," Watson told the Associated Press this week at the Barclays. "You learn from being selfish instead of looking at the bigger picture in life."

"Not competing in the Long Drive was the first mistake. When you look at just me as an individual, that was the selfish part, because I didn't agree with it."

It's all childish stuff and trying to mature and become a better man. Obviously I take it, I take it on the chin. It was my fault."

This isn't the first time Watson has apologized for what happened at the PGA, taking to Twitter during the week to let people know he was sorry for the way he acted.

It's good to hear Bubba acknowledge all of this and let the world know it isn't him. Golf needs stars like Bubba to continue to reach out to a fan base that can grow this game, and the fun-loving Bubba that posts cool YouTube videos and has a lot of fun off the course needs to line up with the man on the golf course that is trying to win big golf tournaments.

It sounds like Watson sees that and wants to change, which is a very, very good thing for both Bubba and the PGA Tour.

You will get to see the new Bubba on Thursday at the Barclays, when he tees it up with Rory McIlroy and Jimmy Walker for the first of four FedEx Cup playoff events.

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