Brandel Chamblee apologizes to Tiger Woods for cheating allegations

Well, that didn't take long.

Golf Channel analyst and contributor Brandel Chamblee made waves last week by questioning the on-course ethics of Tiger Woods.

Tiger had a couple of rules situations this season including a headline-stealer at the Masters, and while he won five PGA Tour events and Player of the Year, Chamblee gave Tiger a "F" grade for the season because, as he put it, Tiger "was a little cavalier with the rules."

Woods' agent, Mark Steinberg, was extremely upset with the cheating allegations, saying that legal action could come, but that seems like it won't be the case as Chamblee has apologized on Twitter for calling Tiger out the way he did in his article.

Chamblee was due to apologize, mostly because everyone seemed to be in agreement that taking his column to the level he did was unnecessary. Questioning a drop or two from Woods is one thing, but taking those sample size situations and making it his entire year seemed shortsighted.

The apology didn't go without Chamblee admitting he wasn't pushed to a decision to apologize, tweeting, "And no - I was not asked to apologize," but it was the right decision to take the high road and be done with it.

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