Brandel Chamblee admits he ‘went too far’ with Tiger Woods comments

On Wednesday evening, Brandel Chamblee took to the Golf Channel studio for the first time since he gave Tiger Woods a "F" on his 2013 season because of some rules situations and admitted he may have gone too far with his comments about the No. 1 player in the world.

Chamblee was on the set with Rich Lerner (video below), who got right into the situation with Woods, asking him address what exactly went down with the column that Chamblee posted on accusing Woods of being "cavalier with the rules."

"You know, in offering my assessment of Tiger’s year and specifically looking at the incidents in Abu Dhabi, Augusta, Ponte Vedra and Chicago, I said Tiger Woods was cavalier about the rules. I should have stopped right there. In comparing those incidents to my cheating episode in the fourth grade, I went too far. Cheating involves intent. Now I, I know what my intent was on that fourth grade math test. But there's no way that I could know with one hundred percent certainty what Tiger's intent was in any of those situations. That was my mistake."

Chamblee continued, saying he does not have a vendetta against Tiger Woods, a pointed question asked by Lerner, and talked about his job to the Golf Channel and to the viewer at home tuning in night after night.

"My job as an analyst at Golf Channel requires me to analyze golf and offer my opinions. I'd like to think I'm pretty good at it. Tiger Woods is the best player in the game by miles, maybe the best player of all time. And over the years, I have said a lot of positive things about Tiger's golf swing and his accomplishments, and at times I've been critical, but that's my job. And my obligation to the viewer to not only talk about when Tiger plays well, but when he doesn't play well and put it into perspective, as well as every other player."

Maybe the most telling thing was Chamblee letting everyone know, on air, that he wouldn't be contributing to after this year and putting all his written opinions right online at

For now, this seems like it finally might be over. We will see what Tiger Woods has to say the next time he's in front of a microphone.

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