Bobby Jones and East Lake

Not a lot of tour stops can say they are the home of one of the biggest names in the history of golf. Bay Hill has Arnold Palmer. Muirfield Village has Jack Nicklaus. East Lake, host of this week's Tour Championship, has Bobby Jones.

The final big event of the PGA Tour schedule gets to walk the same links as Jones did in his prime, and it gets to boast about having Jones claim a trophy on the grounds.

Sure, it wasn't as big an event as the $7.5 million purse that the Tour Championship is giving out this week, but Jones did claim the 1922 Southern Amateur, just one of the many wins Jones polished off in his career.

Bringing up his name brings up another question that isn't discussed as much as it used to be; with talents like Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson playing the game today, can we still call Jones one of the best ever?

He did win seven modern majors, and claimed six "majors at the time," but he never could take down Augusta National in 12 tries. He was the king of the U.S. Amateur five times, which is incredible in itself, and was able to sneak away with one British Amateur.

While his talent might not equate to this day and age, it's obvious that in his prime, Jones was as dominate as any golfer that plays today. Sure, he might not be able to smoke the ball 320 yards off the tee, but winning carries a certain mental ability that few people have. Jones carried that with him at all times, and it's the reason that he is always brought up when talking about the greats of the golf world.

This week we get to remember Jones, the most famous member of East Lake, for all he did for amateur golf and the golf world. In a perfect world, we'd be able to see him tee it up with his persimmon driver next to the likes of Tiger of 2000 and Nicklaus of '72.

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