Bill Lunde takes home the $1 million Kodak Challenge

Your opponent is in the middle of the fairway and needs to hole out in order to eagle and force a playoff. This is a hole that's been eagled only five times since 1983. You're feeling pretty confident, right? But then you remember that this is golf, and strange things happen pretty much every day, and suddenly you start getting really, really nervous ...

And now you're in Bill Lunde's shoes. Lunde was in line to win the Kodak Challenge, a season-long event comprising the best 18 holes from 30 tournaments. Coming into this weekend's Disney event, Lunde was two strokes ahead of the field to win the challenge. He led Fabian Gomez, Cameron Tringale and Josh Teater by an aggregate score of -19 to -17. Teater dropped out, Tringale fell short, and so it was up to Gomez to try to eagle the hole and force the playoff.

Sometimes, amazing happens in golf ... and, well, sometimes it doesn't. Gomez missed his eagle attempt, though probably not by as much as Lunde would have liked, and presto: Lunde was $1 million richer. (And you can't be in his shoes anymore.)

So, there you go: the end of an interesting little season-long contest, but one which didn't draw a whole lot of heat and star power. Anything you could recommend to improve its standing and prominence? Fire away.

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