Big buzz over Mrs. Mickelson

Phil Mickelson won the Masters on Sunday, and punctuated the victory with an emotional embrace from his wife, Amy. At that moment, Mrs. Mickelson became as much a story as her husband.

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Last year, Amy Mickelson was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has undergone treatment, and it has reportedly gone well. Still, the recovery has left her understandably fatigued. Her inability to walk the course and cheer on her husband made Phil's victory and their hug, while their three young children looked on, all the more sweet.

Concerned viewers were clearly interested in Amy's health. Web searches on "amy mickelson health" and "amy mickelson cancer" both spiked over 600%. Similarly, online lookups for her photos and biography surged nearly as high.

This has been an incredibly trying year for the Mickelson family. Phil Mickelson's mother was also diagnosed with breast cancer around the same time as his wife. Both women are undergoing treatment at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. Following his win, Phil remarked, "In the last year we've been through a lot." "It's been tough. To be on the other end and feel this jubilation and share it with the family is great."

Amy Mickelson's age was also the subject of many Web queries. One-day search spikes for "amy mickelson age" and "how old is amy mickelson" both jumped over 300% in the Search box. For the record, she's 37, two years younger than her husband.

While Amy's ongoing recovery and appearance were two of the most searched-for angles, the Web was also quite curious about her ring. Indeed, Mrs. Mickelson is the owner of a truly impressive diamond. We're not sure if it's a wedding ring or an engagement ring, but we feel confident in speculating that the diamond causes massive double-takes whenever its worn.

Such was certainly the case on Sunday, when the TV audience caught a glimpse. Details on the ring are scant, but searches on "amy mickelson ring" and "amy mickelson diamond ring" each soared over 500%.

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