Beware, golfers, of the curse of the FedEx Cup!

The FedEx Cup is only three years old, yet in that time it's already amassed a dark and dreadful history of carnage. No man who's won the Cup has escaped Fate's icy clutches the next year!

(Laying it on thick? Sure we are. But hey, there was no PGA tournament over the weekend, so we've got a few over-the-top adjectives to spare.)

Anyway, there's not any kind of legend of a FedEx Cup curse, but there damn sure ought to be. Let's take a look at the winners and what happened the very next year:

2007, Tiger Woods: Just a few months after winning the FedEx Cup, Woods underwent season-ending knee surgery that took him out of the hunt for the season's final two majors. He hasn't won a major since the surgery.

2008, Vijay Singh: The season after his big win, Singh went on the DL with knee surgery -- hmm, just like Woods -- and had his worst season as a professional. He's yet to win a PGA Tour event since the 2008 FedEx Cup.

2009, Tiger Woods: Although Woods did win after the Tour Championship, he posted a godawful winless season in 2010 and didn't even qualify for a return trip to East Lake. Oh, and there was something about an Escalade and a hydrant, but we're a little fuzzy on the details.

So what can we draw from this? Is there a curse at East Lake? Does endorsing that $10 million check torpedo your next year? (Me, I'd take the chance; $10 million cures a lot of woes.) Possibly, possibly not. Either way, Matt Kuchar, Charley Hoffman and the other competitors may not want to make too many plans for 2011 just yet.

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