The best gig ever is up for grab from adidas golf

Imagine for a second you are offered a job to travel the world in the name of golf. No, this isn't some sort of fairy tale, it is an opportunity adidas golf has given two young men in hopes of finding the right man for the job in a contest they're calling "Wear in the World Adventure2."

Steve Olsen of Green Bay, Wis., and Chris Dukeminier of Portland, Ore., are the two lucky gents that will be vying for a job with adidas golf as its social media catalyst.

Basically, these two guys will travel to nine countries over 50 days to try and do the best social media available in hopes of landing a job with one of the leading golf companies in the world. They began their travels last week.

How are they doing this? By utilizing Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. You can follow along with the adventure right here, as they attempt to beat the other one out.