Ben Curtis on Tiger's game: 'he was a bit rusty'

Two weeks ago Ben Curtis headed out to Lake Nona. A typical day in the life of a professional golfer, the 2003 British Open champion was going to his course to get some practice in. Little did he know that he'd be the first PGA Tour golfer to get in 18 holes with Tiger Woods.

Curtis admitted on Friday that he practiced with Tiger and admitted it was far from normal, no matter what people tell you.

"Everybody that tells you that it was the same as before would be kidding themselves," Curtis said. "It was obviously a little bit different. When I saw him, no one had actually really seen him in public."

"He was a bit rusty," Curtis said with a smile.

Okay, so maybe he was kidding about Tiger playing bad, but getting the chance to see him out on the course before anyone else allowed Curtis an interesting experience. Ben admitted that Tiger seemed uncomfortable, and said they played with Curtis' swing coach and a friend of Woods, and the conversation was strictly golf.

He also said Tiger complimented him on his putting back at the British in '03, even if Curtis himself admitted he didn't putt so well in the final round.

"He said I made everything, but I only made one putt that one day," Curtis said. "He seems to think I make everything, but he hasn't seen me putt all year, either."

See, it's true. Even golfers can be funny at times.

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