Ben Crane explains where the incredible viral videos came from

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Ben Crane shot a 5-under 66 on Thursday at TPC Scottsdale. A lot of people asked him questions about that. I wasn't one of those people.

Nope, I had one mission and one mission only when Crane exited the scorer's tent at the Waste Management Open. I wanted to know about those incredible viral videos he has come out with the last few months. The first, a workout video that debuted in October, has landed more than 430,000 hits on YouTube, and his latest, a look into his preparation before tournaments, is nearly at 70,000 since it was released three weeks ago.

A lot of people know Crane for his good, but deliberate play, but they might not know how funny he is. These videos brought that out.

So where did the idea come from? Crane made a video for a friend's birthday that forced the party guests to persuade him into a more public showing.

"We made a video for a friend's birthday, and because people liked it so much, we said 'OK, we gotta make one that we're going to release and let everyone take a look at it," he said after his round. "People kept telling me, 'You gotta release something you gotta release something,' and we did, and I had no idea that people were going to like it as much as they did and a few people have discovered it and it's got a lot of hits."

So would that skill of being comfortable with the camera in his face ever translate into, say, a "Saturday Night Live" host position for the golfer?

"I would love to [do SNL]," Crane said. "I think the best piece of acting advice I got from my friend was 'don't act, just live it.' Maybe some opportunities will present themselves and yeah, it's fun, but we've had way more fun making the video than people watching it. Just crying laughing a lot of times. Just trying to get through the lines. My caddie Joel and I and my buddy Sam have a good little groove going and it's fun."

And what about his propensity to make things a lot slower than they really are?

"We're probably going to have to increase ["Saturday Night Live"] to a three-hour show," Crane joked.

Even if SNL didn't work out, I did get some great news from Crane about the videos. They have more coming out, and soon.

"There are three more that are done that we haven't launched yet and we're working on another one, so yeah, we plan on launching four more this year," he said.

Yes! Now, back to the snake shaker.

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