Behold the greatest golf hazard in history: a gigantic Tyrannosaurus Rex

Devil Ball Golf

Golf has its sublime vistas and its iconic scenes, from Augusta National's towering pines to Pebble Beach's crashing waves. In many ways, the sport is a perfect blend of athleticism, strategy and natural beauty.

And now, the Palmer Coolum Resort in Australia has made golf even perfect-er. How? By adding a giant freaking dinosaur to the mix, of course.

Palmer Coolum is hosting this weekend's Australian PGA Championship, but that's not why it's in the news these days. Clive Palmer, an Australian billionaire and the new owner of Palmer Coolum, has plans to upend the entire atmosphere of the resort, starting with Jeff the T-Rex there. Jeff is 26-feet tall, situated between the ninth and 10th holes, and roars and moves every time it detects motion. Here's a video of Jeff in action:

Yeah, uh ... you probably won't see something like this at Augusta anytime soon.

Palmer plans to bring a bevy of similar animatronic statues onto the resort, and also hopes to create a new model of the Titanic. Really. As you'd imagine, this is putting him at odds with the Australasian PGA, which almost pulled the plug on this year's tournament before reaching a last-second agreement with Palmer. (The dinosaur's roaring has been shut off for the tournament.)

But the negotiations between the tour and the resort couldn't salvage the resort's viability as a tournament destination going forward. Future tournaments won't be held at Palmer Coolum. Which is a true shame, because dinosaurs make everything more awesome ... and a T-Rex is the only thing tougher on a course these days than Rory McIlroy.

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