Barack Obama on golfing with Tiger Woods: ‘He’s on another planet’

Devil Ball Golf

Imagine you got to play golf with the leader of the free world, and then after the President not only complimented your game but did it in an interview for all the world to see. That would be pretty cool, right?

That's what happened to Tiger Woods, who had a chance to play golf with Barack Obama this past weekend and in an interview with ABC7 in San Francisco, said that Tiger is "on another planet" with his golf game (comment comes at the 5:59 mark in the video above).

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Obama is an athlete himself, and while basketball might be his sport of choice, he is trying his hardest at this game, getting lessons with Butch Harmon and trying to get better in his second term, but Tiger must have been impressive to land that sort of compliment.

This week at the Accenture, Woods was asked about playing with Obama and said, "And playing with Mr. President was pretty cool. He's just a wonderful person to be around."

h/t Buzzfeed

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