The Back 9 with Nick Watney

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZ. -- Sometimes we get to talk to important people in the golf world. When we do, we try to ask them questions they don't always get. Welcome to our new occasional feature The Back 9, where we do just that. This week, it is two-time PGA Tour winner Nick Watney.

Q: Which hole do you wish you could make an ace on, in order -- Augusta National's 12th, the 17th at TPC Sawgrass and the 16th at TPC Scottsdale?

Watney: I'd say 12 at Augusta, 16 at Scottsdale and then 17 at Sawgrass.

Q: If you could train for two years for an Olympic sport, summer or winter, which one do you think you could be competitive in, and you can't say curling?

Watney: Whew. I don't know if I'd be good but I'd really like to try the downhill. I grew up skiing, I haven't skied for a few years, but I'd like to try it. I have so much respect for those guys going 80 miles an hour. I'd try that or the ski jumping. The long distance ski jumping.

Q: You're on the 18th hole at the U.S. Open, birdie putt to win, you make it. Who do you most want to be shaking hands with?

Watney: It's gotta be Tiger. He's the best. Throw everything aside of what's going on, he's the best we got.

Q: You have to mix two ingredients to make a "Nick Watney," the new drink following the Arnold Palmer. What's in the new drink?

Watney: Haha. Cranberry and soda. I think it's a very refreshing drink.

Q: What is the percentage of people on Saturday at the Waste Management that know how many clubs are allowed in a bag during tournament play?

Watney: I would say, there were 120,000 or so, so I'd say 6 percent (laughter).

Q: Strangest thing a female fan has ever yelled at you?

Watney: Nothing too outrageous, but I have heard, "Will you marry me?"

Q: Have you ever Wikipedia or Googled yourself, and be honest?

Watney: I have to say, I have done that before. I try not to do it too often, but in my defense, people sometimes say, I Googled you and I found this, and I'm like, "What?"

Q: Can you remember the first time you thought to yourself, "Holy cow, I'm famous!"?

Watney: I went to school at Fresno State, so I've been back there to play golf and I feel a little bit famous there, but this winter I played with Tiger and Phil in the same group, and I'm not famous (laughter). I was literally the forgotten guy.

Q: How much money would Loudmouth Golf have to pay you to rock those pants John Daly wears?

Watney: A lot of money. I like to look classy, and I just think that's over the top.

(and the one-hole playoff question)

Q: Which tourney has the best looking women?

Watney: If it isn't the Waste Management, it is Charlotte. That's really tough to choose. Probably a tie between here and Charlotte.

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