Arnold Palmer is one of GQ's Coolest Athletes Ever, of course

Now that right there is a cover. Check it out -- Arnold Palmer, American icon, golf legend and Devil Ball's most important person in golf history, has been named one of GQ's 25 coolest athletes of all time. Of course he has.

Chosen for their style, grace and athletic success, the athletes range across all sports. Here's the slideshow of the other covers, which spotlight icons such as Jordan, Ali, Dr. J, Bjorn Borg, Tom Brady and Tim Lincecum. Interesting subjects, all, but Arnie stands supreme, in our humble opinion.

"Palmer had this way of striding down the fairway with a specific urgency -- he never just walked -- with a cigarette dangling, James Dean-style, from his lips," wrote Mark Starr. Props to GQ for not picking a photograph of Palmer without a cigarette in his lips; the politically correct thing to do would be to airbrush that out or find another photo, but that would miss the point entirely.

The issue hits stands soon. Check it out and learn how to be cooler from Palmer and his fellow athletes. Except Lincecum. That guy's a goofball. Nice job, King!