Anti-Obama signs show up in Augusta near the site of the Masters

Anti-Obama signs in Augusta.
Anti-Obama signs in Augusta.

AUGUSTA, Ga. — Each year when The Masters kicks off and the eyes of the sporting world turn to Augusta, this town on the banks of the Savannah River does all it can to capture the attention of tourists. Restaurants, liquor stores and exotic dance clubs run Masters-themed specials. Billboards throughout town try to lure in golf patrons with a few extra bucks to spend. And this year, some politically-minded folk are getting in on the bad-golf-pun act.

Breitbart brings us this photo of some golf-themed anti-Obama posters popping up here and there around Augusta. It's important to note that Augusta Country Club, pictured in the photo above, is NOT Augusta National, home of the Masters, but is immediately adjacent to the home of the Masters.

"If you like your handicap, you can keep your handicap," reads one, a reference to Obama's infamous and not-entirely-true "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor" line used while promoting the Affordable Care Act. Another reads "Sub Par," which is supposed to be an insult but, frankly, is what every golfer wants to be.

The purpose of the ads, other than publicity like this, isn't entirely clear. Both Georgia and neighboring South Carolina rode definitively for Republican Mitt Romney in 2012. And while Democrats do indeed like golf, the sport skews predominantly conservative.

Approximately 30,000 fans flow into the gates of Augusta National every day of the Masters. And the plaza below is directly across the street from the home of the Masters, incorrect apostrophe and all:

Anyway, these posters aren't allowed anywhere inside Augusta National. They'll make you take the label off your water bottle (true story). You think they're going to allow political signage of any stripe?

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