Anthony Wall uses iPhone app to get in contention at Sicilian Open

Anthony Wall was in dire need of a solid putting tip. Having gone almost 12 years since his last European Tour victory, Wall was at the point in his career where he probably would have taken advice from anybody -- and that includes an iPhone app.

While working with former European Tour player Tony Johnstone was helping, Wall figured it was still worth spending 95 cents to buy short game guru Dave Stockton's iPhone app to give him some extra help.

Crazy as it sounds, the 95 cent app has worked wonders for the Englishman, and has him one shot off the lead going into the final round of the Sicilian Open.

"That is the best 59 pence (95 cents) I have ever spent because his tips have really simplified a few things for me," Wall said after his second round.

"I have just been looking at the low side of every putt for the last two days -- really concentrating on the last third of the putt as opposed to the whole putt -- and that has definitely helped me. I haven't holed everything but I have hit my putts a lot better.

"It was a bargain, I have to say -- you don't get many valuable lessons for 59 pence these days! The thing about Dave Stockton is that he is and always was an amazing putter, and you tend to listen to those guys a bit more."

If you're obsessed with golf, and you probably are if you're reading this site, then you most likely spend a fair amount of money on lessons from a local pro. Just think if you could spend 95 cents like Wall and fix your short game?

I don't know about you, but I may have to give Stockton's app a whirl. If it works for a professional golfer, who knows, maybe it can help my struggling short game as well.

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