Annika Sorenstam cut off a part of her finger, then Tweeted a picture of it

There are few golfers on this planet that had a career like Annika Sorenstam. The 42-year-old is third all-time on the LPGA win list with 72, third all-time in majors (10) and the only player in LPGA history to shoot 59 in a round.

Sorenstam retired from professional golf in 2008 but that doesn't mean she still isn't a big part of the game. She appears frequently on the Golf Channel's "Morning Drive" show and ... alright, I tried. I tried to make this article normal and natural but I just ... I can't.

On Tuesday, Sorenstam tweeted a picture of an accident she had while slicing chicken for a dinner and the results are pretty grotesque.

Before you jump, I warn you, the picture of her finger is not for the queasy. Click at your own risk.

Gahhhhh! Man that looks bad. Sorenstam followed up her tweet with the below picture with a message that assured everyone, "no worries healing nicely. Stitches out in a week," but I feel like that deserves to be in the next zombie movie and not on one of the best golfers of this generation.

Slice easier, Annika, for yours and everyone's sake!

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