Alleged Tiger Woods mistress jailed a year for DUI

Of all the stories that came out last year about Tiger Woods, the one with the highest comedy was that Tiger apparently stepped out with a Perkins Restaurant waitress.

Well, it seems one Perkins manager is headed back to the application process, because Mindy Lawton is getting some time behind bars.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Lawton was sentenced to a year in jail on Friday because of a wreck she got into back in 2009, when her initial blood alcohol level was a 0.27, more than three times the legal limit allowed in Florida. Later, the blood alcohol level was reduced to a 0.18.

Lawton, who has been linked with Tiger basically everywhere when all the news broke around Thanksgiving of 2009, ran a red light and hit another car, which could be part of the reason for her lengthy sentence.

If you don't quite remember exactly which one Lawton was, we will recap: According to a Vanity Fair article that came out in March of last year, Lawton was contacted by Tiger's agent, Mark Steinberg, who told Lawton that "we'll take care of it" all when the National Enquirer started digging around on this story.

Also, Lawton was the one that once said that Tiger was so cheap, the only thing he ever bought her was a chicken wrap from Subway. Well, at least he was looking out for your figure!

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