Alexis Thompson won't pull a Michelle Wie, coach says

So it seems that at least one professional golfer has a bit of perspective about her. Alexis Thompson, the 15-year-old golfer who recently turned pro, won't be looking to join the LPGA any time soon.

Speaking on Tee Off With Jamie Watson, a radio show on WVIE-AM in Baltimore, Thompson's coach Jim McLean said Thompson will not seek any kind of waiver from the LPGA's 18-year-old minimum-age requirement. Players can seek an exemption from the commissioner if they so choose.

However, McLean told guest host Ryan Ballengee of Waggle Room that Thompson's parents had observed what happened to Michelle Wie — too much too fast too soon — and want to allow Lexi to be a kid. In other words, she'll stay in school, she won't be a traveling golfer, and in a couple years, she might just be able to enter the tour as a reasonably well-rounded kid.

Tricky thing now, as Ballengee noted, will be playing in enough tournaments to keep her edge. She's only permitted six sponsor exemptions each year as a non-LPGA member. To play in more tournaments, she'd have to travel a lot more, which kind of defeats the whole non-exemption-seeking thing. But still, it's good to see that there are parents who are more interested in their kid's long-term well-being than in cashing in on their immediate potential.