Alex Cejka WDs from Zurich Classic after breaking toe with club

Jonathan Wall

Every week during the PGA Tour season you can take a peek at the bottom of the leaderboard and notice at least one "WD" in the field. Whether it's because of a nagging injury or personal reasons, players sometimes have to withdraw from tournaments.

Alex Cejka happened to be one of three guys that withdrew after Thursday's first round of the Zurich Classic. But unlike most, he actually had a back story to his WD that's worth mentioning.

As the Golf Channel's Todd Lewis noted during Friday's PGA Tour pre-tournament show, Cejka couldn't play in Friday's second round after breaking his toe. How did he break it, you ask?

In a moment of frustration during the round, Cejka tried to slam his wedge into the ground, but instead of hitting the turf, caught his toe instead. He not only broke the toe, but took a considerable chunk of leather out of his golf shoe. If only he could take that kind of divot from the fairway.

Cejka somehow managed to finish his round -- one would guess he has a seriously high pain tolerance -- and card a 2-over 74 before withdrawing from the tournament. Lewis also said that the German was "on the verge of tears" in the locker room after the round.

I bet. If I gashed my FootJoys like that, I'd be on the verge of tears, too.

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