Ai Miyazato captures LET money title by playing in only two events

Jonathan Wall

As Luke Donald showed us this year, winning a money title takes a lot of consistency and an ability to grind out rounds when you don't have your A-game.

Aside from the obvious traits, the money list winner usually has to log a ton of rounds to finish on top ... except if your name is Ai Miyazato.

As the Associated Press' Doug Ferguson wrote, Miyazato won the Ladies Euopean Tour money list by playing in only two events this season.

If you think that's a typo, head on over to the LET website and check it out for yourself.

If you're wondering how the heck someone could win the season-long money title on a professional tour by playing in only two events, you only need to look at the qualifications needed to be a part of the Ladies European Tour.

To become a member of the LET, all current LPGA players need to do is sign up and play in as many, or few, events as you want. Without a minimum number to maintain membership -- the PGA Tour requires 15; European Tour 13 to keep full-time status -- the money list can certainly become skewed if a player wins a major event.

And that's what Miyazato did, winning the Evian Masters and pocketing $487,500 in the process. The money from the one LET sanctioned event was enough to beat out Melissa Reid, who won twice in 19 starts, by almost $70,000.

I don't think you need me to tell you that something's wrong with this picture. If the tour's leading money winner captures the title by playing only two events -- to make this even more laughable, Miyazato MC'd at the British Open -- you know there's something wrong with the current format.

With the Associate Press and a host of media outlets jumping on this story, there's a good chance the LET will have a minimum event rule in place by 2012. Either that or they'll run the risk of being the laughingstock of golf when this happens again in the next couple of years. It's their choice.