Adam Scott admits he wears his green jacket every single day at home

No matter if you love golf or hate it, you have to admit that there is no more cherished piece of clothing in all of sports than the green jacket. The Masters gives a jacket in your size if you are able to win at Augusta National and for a year you get to take it any place your heart, and agent, desires.

Adam Scott is in the field this week at the Players Championship and was asked about the newest addition to his closet on Wednesday.

How often does he pull out the green jacket? Every single day.

"When I walk in the closet I put the green jacket on every morning, I do. I've enjoyed that I've missed it the last couple days. It's the first couple days I haven't had it with me, so that's been a lot of fun, just wearing it around the house."

Is there a single golf fan out there that wouldn't do the exact same thing? Biddings go on for thousands of dollars just to purchase someone else's green jacket, so if you had one yourself, that you earned, wouldn't you rock it as often as possible? Golfers are so insane that at times they sleep with their putters, so a green jacket? I'd probably try to get it affixed to my skin if it was possible.

Good for Adam, good for golf and I'm sure the ladies would say, good for that green jacket.