According to Dustin Johnson, he and Natalie Gulbis are not dating

Every few months, the golf media (ourselves definitely included) turns into a 9th grade science class, passing notes between one another about this guy or that girl. This year, the grumbling has been about LPGA knockout Natalie Gulbis and PGA Tour phenom Dustin Johnson maybe possibly kinda sorta potentially being a couple.

Gulbis was in Hawaii for the season-opening event to watch Johnson, and told reporters she'd "let Dustin handle our PR." Letting him handle the PR turns out to mean dispelling all rumors that they're an item. Johnson told Doug Ferguson of the AP that they are not an item, and the rumors have gotten to the point of absurdity.

"For people to say I went home to repair the relationship is completely false," Johnson said. "We're not in a relationship. And yes, me and Natalie have spent some time together, but we're not in a relationship. There's all kinds of stuff going on in the media. Actually, some of this stuff is comical."

"We're not dating," Johnson said Saturday in a telephone interview.

I guess Johnson can take the attention one of two ways. The first is, "hey, congrats, you finally made it to the level of stardom that people care about your personal life." That isn't all bad, and we haven't had a young golfer that we cared this much about since Anthony Kim was popping bottles in Las Vegas. The second is obviously that we in the media tend to report on anything that brings in the page views, and we will obviously be the first to admit that. It isn't always glamorous, but as a friend said on Twitter, people can relate to this relationship stuff more than they can relate to a guy hitting 390-yard drives.

So, alas, nobody is dating anyone, apparently. Now, back to golf, shall we?

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