Aaron Baddeley puts his first Masters shot right in a woman’s lap

It didn't take long for the Masters to give us its first moment that'll get us banned from Augusta National forever if we don't play it correctly.

Aaron Baddeley teed off at 8:51 a.m., part of a pairing that included Vijay Singh and Tim Clark. Baddeley's tee shot lofted up, up, drifted left ... and ended up landing in a woman's lap. Yes, really.

According to Golfweek's Sean Martin, the woman remained seated with the ball in her lap until Baddeley arrived. He then marked the ball's spot underneath her chair with a tee. She stood up, the ball dropped to the ground, and Baddeley then placed it at the tee to set up for his second shot. Talk about an awkward moment.

The little detour didn't prove a distraction, as Baddeley made par. However, the rest of the round didn't go quite so well; the Aussie dunked a ball on 12 and ended up +3. For such an interesting and promising start, he ended up playing ... Baddeley. (Sorry. So sorry.)

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