A few golfers, a GoPro and a golf course

If you've spent any time around the Internet the last couple of years, especially with sports, you know that the GoPro cameras are taking over. Everybody seems to be using them, from extreme sports to basketball to even golf.

Yes, golf is taking on the GoPro experience, and the people from GoPro asked if I would help out with a little video project where we went to the Whirlwind Golf Club in Phoenix, Ariz. and just fooled around with some of the cameras.

The finished product turned out solid, and it was a lot of fun helping out with. Check it out, see some of the crazy things they can do with these little cameras, and hopefully stayed tuned for some more in the future if we can continue to come up with ideas that will make golfers almost want to hit it in a greenside bunker in hopes of producing something magical out of it.

Lucky for us, Keegan Bradley wasn't around to take out our drone when we were doing some filming.

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