A 76-year-old man made two holes-in-one and a double eagle over a five-day span

Normally we reserve these opening remarks for something leading you into the story, but just take a second to re-read over that headline.

A 76-year-old man ... made two holes-in-one over a three-day span ... and then made an albatross, or double-eagle, the next day.

Yes, Bob Hullender, a runner-up at the 1994 U.S. Senior Amateur and four-time Texas state senior amateur champion, pulled off three of the rarest golf shots in the world in five days, make two ones and an albatross in less than a week.

Here is the report, via Play San Antonio Golf ...

On Friday, Jan. 3, he aced No. 16 at the La Loma Course at Fort Sam Houston with a 7-iron from 158 yards; Monday, Jan. 6, he put down the second ace at Brackenridge Park on the 138-yard 10th with a 9-iron.

The day after the second ace, Tuesday, Jan. 7, (friend Mike Arnold) was playing in a group in front of Hullender at OlmosBasin Golf Course and had just finished his round on the par-5 18th that was playing close to 500 yards. Soon, word made it to the clubhouse that Hullender produced another remarkable shot. He'd double-eagled from 215 yards using a 3-iron loft hydrid.

Just how rare is this feat? So rare that they don't even have stats to define this. Basically the National Hole-in-One Registry says it is about 67 million-to-1 that someone could make two aces in the same round, and while Hullender didn't pull that off, I'd say the odds have to be higher to make two in the same week along with the rarest shots of all, a double-eagle.

Hullender says in the story that he's made 24 aces over the course of his career including four over the last 12 months, and has knocked in five double-eagles in his life which basically means I will never play this man for money or hit irons next to him on a range.

What an incredible story and accomplishment, and something I think most can agree won't happen again for a very, very long time.

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