3-year-old born with just one arm has an incredible, and inspirational, golf game

Golf can be a frustrating game. Between all the moves we make with our golf swings, to the battles we have between the ears, it can be a nearly impossible game to master.

Tommy Morrissey is trying to do just that, and at just 3-years-old, has a golf swing that any adult would envy. The only difference? Tommy was born with just one arm, yet still can smack the golf ball over 100 yards.

Fox 29 out of Philadelphia caught up with Tommy and his family last week in Lindwood, New Jersey, and got to hear about how people react when they see Morrissey hit the golf ball with just one arm.

"They look at him and see how small he is and they say, ‘Awesome, the little guy can hit a golf ball," Tommy's father, Joe, said to Fox 29. "And then they look and they see that he's doing it with one hand and they say, 'That's incredible.' And then after they watch him, after they learn, he's just a little boy, just killing it, they walk away and say, 'he's an inspiration.'"

A lot of times, we as golfers can get negative. We complain about our own swings, our never-dropping handicaps and just about anything else on the golf course. From now on, when I get like that, I'm going to pull up this video and watch it a couple of times to remind myself that golf is a game that everyone should enjoy, and it is kids like Tommy that make this game wonderful.

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