3-year-old, one-armed golfer enjoys surprise meeting with Tiger Woods

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Tiger Woods made a little boy's day earlier this week, and it's worthy of your time.

Tommy Morrissey is 3 years old and is a pretty good golfer. What makes the New Jersey-born boy different is that he was born without a right arm under the elbow, meaning he swings the golf club with a righty stance using just his left arm. And he hits it 70 yards off the tee with a driver. 

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Since his story came to light back in August, Morrissey's been all over the place, sharing his story and feeling the warm embrace of a golf community that has marveled in his resolve and talent. This week, Morrissey was a guest at the Hero World Challenge in Orlando, and he was treated to a surprise: a little time with tournament host Tiger Woods.

Fox Sports filmed the interaction between the two, which included some time on the driving range and putting green. You get a sense of the kind of father Woods is to his two children, which is a different look than we know of him. But the important thing to focus on is Tommy and his enjoyment of not only the time with Woods, but also his zest for life. It's refreshing and uplifting.

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