And the 2011 Masters winner is …

Ladies and gentlemen, scholars and patrons, the 2011 Masters championship is mere hours away. If you like golf, this is your Christmas Eve, a time when people of all ages salivate at the beauty of Augusta National mixed with the tradition of the Masters. We have been talking all week about who had a chance. We spoke of past champions. We gave you our sleepers. We even commented on previous Masters that happened years ago. But now is the time to give your our winners, who the writers here at Devil Ball Golf think will actually leave on Sunday wearing the green jacket. So, without further ado, let us head to the online version of Butler Cabin (read: mothers basement) and hand out our awards. And the green jacket goes to ...

Jay Busbee (Twitter - @jaybusbee) -- Phil Mickelson

Jonathan Wall (Twitter - @jonathanrwall) -- Lee Westwood

Shane Bacon (Twitter -- @shanebacon) -- Matt Kuchar

Now, who is your 2011 choice?

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