The 10 best golf moments of 2013: No. 8, Jason Dufner wins the PGA

Over the next 10 days, until we get to the New Year, we will be rolling out the top-10 best golf moments of 2013. After much deliberation and debate, we picked what we thought were the 10 moments you will remember about this season a decade from now. We continue with No. 8 and Jason Dufner at the PGA Championship. (No. 10 is right here, No. 9 is here)

It's actually pretty incredible how relaxed Jason Dufner is when he plays the game of golf. No man is supposed to roll in a putt to win his first major championship, the same major that got away from him two years prior, and act that chill. Guys have danced, cried, high fived everyone in sight and even fell to their knees after winning a major, and Dufner calmly walks over, pats his wife on the backside and calls it a day.

That is the beauty of Dufner, and his play at Oak Hill all but wrapped up the Year of the Dufner.

The cool thing about the week at Oak Hill was how Dufner went through all the ups and downs of a major championship and was able to still come out on top.

The 36-year-old American had a putt on the 18th green on Friday to break the all-time scoring record at a major championship, but his stroke there was his only real shaky moment of the week.

Dufner "settled" for a 63, but followed it up with a pretty mediocre round of 71 to give the lead to Jim Furyk, a former major champion who has really struggled in the big events when he has been around the lead come Sunday.

The final round 68 was good enough for a two-shot win over Furyk, and it was highlighted simply by how relaxed the man that just got his named etched on the Wanamaker Trophy was about the whole experience.

Lip tucked firmly, beautiful wife in arm, and a man with a smile that told the entire world, "I'm good, I know it and that's that."

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