‘Posh’ Man U star Juan Mata goes house hunting in rich estate

It has been a whirlwind few weeks for Man United's biggest buy of the winter transfer window, Juan Mata.

His high-profile £37 million (S$76.5 million) move from Chelsea to Man United was sealed on January 23, and he was spotted house hunting in the suburbs of Manchester, last week.

Mata will be living near his new teammates as the neighbourhood in Cheshire boasts the likes of Wayne Rooney, Nemanja Vidic, Nani, Patrice Evra and Ashley Young as residents.

And although Mata appears to be looking for a house in the up-market area, the 25-year-old midfielder has said in previous interviews that he was an ordinary man who preferred to live a normal life.

"I’ve never thought about (tabloids) and I’m not worried about that. I try to live a normal life and to not do anything stupid, and that’s it. There’s nothing about my life that will fill newspapers," he said.

So it was no wonder Mata did not mind the fact that the papparazzi had already assumed the blonde real estate agent in the photos to be his girlfriend.

Mata was previously in a relationship with a Spanish woman named Lorena Martínez (seen above) whom he dated during the World Cup and his time at Valencia.

Lorena was often seen in the stands cheering him on, although she cut a low-profile figure, unlike many of her flashier "WAG" counterparts in Spain.

However, upon joining Chelsea and his move to England, their relationship cooled down as the talented Mata chose to focus more his career in the Premiership.

With his keen 'culture vulture' status, Mata has also settled in well in England.

While in London, he reportedly enjoyed visits to London’s Victoria and Albert Museum and enjoyed jazz concerts, earning him the nickname "Posh Spaniard", for his ability to appreciate the finer things in life.

Clearly a man who enjoys his privacy, Mata also praised the lifestyle of the English, admitting that he preferred it a lot more to his native Spain.

"I can do many more things in England; it’s such a big city and there are a lot of people living here who don’t like football, so they don’t recognize you," he said.

"You can take the Underground (train) without any problems and in this city there are thousands of things to do: the theater, musicals, movies, parks… there’s a bit of everything here, and well, the truth is that I’m enjoying it a lot.

"Other than football and the training sessions, which are the most important things in my life, I try to take advantage of what I have around me," he explained.

Aside, it has been four years since the lucid affair that got Stoke City's Peter Crouch in hot water with his wife, and she has not forgotten it.

The lanky striker reportedly paid $1,000 for the services of a Spanish escort named "Monica Mint" during a trip to Madrid for a bachelor's party.

He later apologised publicly for his actions, and begged for an apology from his wife.

And in an interview with The Mirror, Abbey Clancy, 28, said that while she had forgiven him, she has not forgotten the bitter taste of betrayal.

"It was horrible ," recalled Clancy, a model who was pregnant at the time the story was published on the front page of the tabloids. "For any woman who is pregnant or having a child , it is very difficult (but) it is now one of those things.."

The WAG has now forgiven Crouch, whom she now describes as her best friend. "He makes me laugh, he's kind, generous and an amazing father. I'm proud of him," she said.