McKayla Maroney gets in on the ‘McKayla is not impressed’ meme

Chris Chase
Fourth-Place Medal

McKayla Maroney is showing a sense of humor about the Internet meme that features her smug, indifferent reaction to winning a silver medal on the vault. Her Fierce Five teammate, Aly Raisman, tweeted a picture of Maroney, Kyla Ross and herself standing outside a swimming pool and playfully sneering at the camera with the now-famous expression that launched a thousand Photoshops.

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A picture taken of Maroney standing on the medal podium with a similar expression became an Internet sensation in recent days. Users have Photoshopped an unimpressed McKayla into various historical, pop culture and current event scenes. Things that didn't impress McKayla included the moon landing, Mitt Romney's announcement of Paul Ryan as his running mate, the great pyramids of Giza and in the most meta posting of all, her own winning of the silver medal.

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