Kate Hansen, the dancing luger, blesses teammate Erin Hamlin's bronze medal with a dance (Video)

Fourth-Place Medal

Let's say you're an Olympian at the Sochi Games. You win a medal, which is something you've trained thousands of hours to do. Then what? What do you do with the medal while you're still in Russia?

If you're luger Erin Hamlin, you get it "blessed." In a pretty awesome way.

In the video above, that's Kate Hansen, the luger whose ritualistic dancing before races has earned her Internet fame this week. She's the Beyonce of the luge. Hamlin, her luge teammate, is behind the camera. 

On Tuesday, Hamlin became the first American ever to earn a medal in 50 years of singles luge events. On Wednesday, she asked Hansen to "dance-bless" her medal. If dance-blessing wasn't a thing before, it is now.

She wrote on Instagram

Had to get my medal "dance-blessed" by the one and only @k8ertotz #bustaBRONZEmove #Sochi2014

Hamlin will compete again Thursday in the luge team relay. If she can help Team USA get another luge medal, you can be sure a whole lot more people will be dancing.

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