Downhill skiers have trouble buying pants and the reason why might surprise you

Mike Oz
Downhill skiers have trouble buying pants and the reason why might surprise you

Downhill skiers have big butts and they cannot lie ... about how hard it is to buy pants sometimes.

Sarah Lyall of the New York Times wrote about the body types and training methods of downhill skiers, who build enormous thighs and ample rear ends because their training regimen depends on leg presses and squats. It's part of the game, and thus there's a consequence they're required to deal with. 

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It's difficult to find pants that fit. 

Amid the talk of how much the athletes can squat and how they accumulate muscle mass, the skiers readily admit they have rumps that would excite Sir Mix-A-Lot. They're proud of it too, proud enough to speak frankly to Lyall. Canadian skier Jan Hudec said:

“Yes, I have an enormous butt,” he said.

He also has, now that we are being frank about it, enormous thighs. How enormous are his butt and his thighs? It is so hard for him to find jeans that can contain their bulk, he said, that when he does, he hangs on to them for as long as he humanly can.

“When they rip, I drive them across town and my mother sews them for me,” said Hudek, who, it is worth noting, is 32. Ripped jeans are apparently a common phenomenon for downhill skiers, much as it is routine for the Incredible Hulk to turn green and burst out of his clothes in fits of anger.

Likewise, British skier Chemmy Alcott tells The Times she finds one pair of pants each year that fit her, then buys them in four different colors.

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Edit Miklos of Hungary says she only has one pair of jeans. Marc Oliveras from Andorra is nicknamed "Big Thighs" and says he, instead, wears sweatpants.

“We tend to tear the crotches in our jeans quite a bit,” the American racer Steven Nyman said. The introduction of leggings-style and elasticated jeans has been a godsend. “We have to buy stretchy jeans,” he said.

As it turns out, the people who can get the most use out of things like Pajama Jeans aren't lazy people, but downhill skiers.

Truth is, since they're squatting hundreds and hundreds of pounds, then they can wear whatever they want.

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