You'll never believe this, but Nick Johnson hurt himself

Nick Johnson(notes), the most injury-prone creature in the history of life on Earth, is hurt again.

He fouled a pitch off his right leg in the first inning of New York's Grapefruit League finale, but was reportedly able to limp off the field under his own power. And then his leg shattered into a million-billion tiny pieces, because he's Nick Johnson .

The game recap on tells us the following:

"[Johnson] suffered a bruised knee and is day-to-day."

Obviously Nick's version of day-to-day is not the same as yours or mine. Let's hope this is really just a bruise. If healthy, Johnson is setup for an excellent year. He's an on-base machine who's expected to bat second in baseball's most homer-friendly park, in baseball's highest-scoring lineup.

Don't be broken, Nick. Please.

Some of us have made you a component of our end-of-draft gameplans … which was not necessarily the wisest move, but we did it. Shake it off, tough guy.


Photo via AP Images

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