Yahoo! World Soccer 2010: The Roto Arcade Invitational

Over the years, I've learned two things about the World Cup: 1) It's an incredible live event, one that everyone should experience; 2) Bolivian fans will gladly share drinks, teach you songs.

Beyond that, I can't claim to know so much about international soccer, except what I've learned from Brooks. There's a certain amount of flopping. And if you commit an infraction, you're issued a ticket.

Um … OK, that's your official Roto Arcade World Cup preview.*

You should now sign up for World Soccer 2010. Specifically, you should sign up for the Roto Arcade Invitational:

group ID 31106
password "granitza"

Winner gets a free-kick. If you beat the blog editor, you get … well, you get nothing. Everyone should beat the blog editor. Play today. Enhance your fantasy portfolio.

*This is not entirely true. I've asked another writer — someone who actually knows his kickball — to offer up a few World Cup sleepers. ETA late Thursday. Please stay tuned.


Photo via US Presswire

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