Yahoo Fantasy Baseball 2014 is open, and it’s awesome

Pitchers and catchers won't report for another 2-3 weeks, but your fantasy season begins much, much sooner.

Yahoo Fantasy Baseball 2014 is open for business. And no, this is not a drill. ALERT YOUR COMMISSIONER. The game has launched. It's time to play ball! You might want to consider asking for a vacation day.

If for some reason you've never played fantasy baseball — or if you're a coward like my friend [name redacted] who gave up the game in '09, because I kept beating him — then I urge you give it a spin in 2014. This year's game has a whole bunch of excellent enhancements, including...

24/7 drafting and mock-drafting;

Quick and easy registration;

New and improved app, with drafts and mocks for Android and iOS devices;

Player notes via Rotoworld;

Team page improvements, including auto-saved roster moves and new tabs for your Watchlist and Player Updates;

And then there's my favorite upgrade...

PROSPECTS. Tons of prospects. More than we've ever had, easily. More than you may actually want. These two kids are in the player pool... are Sano, Walker, Bradley, Baez, Bryant, Taveras, Tanaka, Abreu, Syndergaard, Russell, Almora, Appel, Lindor, Stephenson, Polanco, Castellan—

Well, you get the idea. We've added a giant pile of prospects to the player pool (100-plus) for the benefit of dynasty league gamers. Conveniently enough, we've also added this nifty little feature...

Commissioners have the option of adding "NA" roster spots, and these will function similarly to the DL. So you'll be able to stash minor leaguers and/or suspended players (or anyone on the bereavement list) without burning a bench spot.

In a nutshell, what I'm saying is this: We're offering you a stellar fantasy baseball experience in 2014, and it begins right now.